Why Do the Bride’s Parents Pay for the Wedding?

Hundreds of years ago, the bride’s parents had to pay dowries to the husband’s family.

The tradition, though much different today, continues, and most of the time, the bride’s parents are expected to pay for all or most of the wedding festivities.

Here are some of the why the Bride's Parents pay for the wedding:

People Getting Married Later in Life

Parents might need to pay for weddings when the kids are 20 years old. Parents may feel different when asked to foot the bill for the wedding for their 40-year-old daughter, who has a great job.

Weddings Are More Expensive

The bride’s parents will usually gladly chip in as much as they can for a wedding that’s out of their budget, but most recognize that it’s not a good idea to take out a second mortgage to fund a wedding.

Split Bills

In cases where an older bride wants a bigger wedding, the parents will often offer to pay for a portion.

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