Why Do Parents Sometimes Cry At Weddings?

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Parents cry at weddings for a lot of reasons, but most of all because they’re feeling sentimental.  They see their years of hard work and sacrifice come to fruition. Their child is now embarking on the journey they took long ago

When parents cry at weddings, it could be because they’re sad to see you go. That’s not always easy for parents to handle or accept.

Parents could be struggling with what it means to see you get married.  What will they do with all of their time? Where will they focus their energy and attention now that you have a family of your own?

Kids give parents purpose, and when they get married, there is often a sense of loss. This can be particularly hard for parents who are more involved with their children’s lives.

You shouldn’t be too surprised if your parents cry at your wedding.  They’re happy for you while at the same time mourning the idea that they’re losing a bit of a person that they dearly love.