Wedding Bouquet?

Why Do Brides Throw Their

Tossing a bouquet brings good luck to anyone who catches it. For single ladies, it can be a token of luck in their ongoing search to find their life partner.

Throughout human civilization, a bouquet has been a part of weddings. In many cultures and religions, you wouldn’t see marriages without a bridal bouquet and flower decorations.

The History of Wedding Bouquets

Back then, the first bridal bouquets were flower garlands. According to their belief, these flowers symbolized happiness, fertility, loyalty, and a new beginning for the married couple.

Ancient Rome and Egypt

During the middle ages, English people started to get more creative when making wedding bouquets. They used colorful, fragrant flowers and herbs.

Middle Ages

During this era, couples also sent flowers to their lovers to communicate their love and commitment to each other.

Victorian England