What to Do When Your Wedding Ring Doesn’t Fit Anymore?

A wedding ring that does not fit your finger perfectly can be troublesome. If it is too tight, it becomes uncomfortable and difficult to remove. So, what should you do when your wedding ring no longer fits?

When you notice your wedding ring does not fit anymore, your safest option is to get it resized.

Get It Resized

Sizing beads are perfect for reducing the size of wedding rings and preventing them from spinning on your finger.

Insert Sizing Beads

The spring is a thin strip of metal shaped like a horseshoe that the jeweler welds to the lower inside of the wedding ring. Once you put the wedding ring over your knuckle, the spring tightens and nestles at the base of your finger.

Insert a Spring 

An expandable shank is ideal for resizing wedding rings that are difficult to get over knuckles. It has a hinged shank that opens up and snaps shut to secure the finger.

Install Expandable and Adjustable Shanks