What to Bring to a Wedding Shower

17 Gifts the Bride & Groom Will Love

Have you been invited to a wedding shower and you’re lost about what you should take with you? Getting wedding gifts for people can be quite overwhelming, especially with the millions of options you have on the internet.


You can never go wrong with giving money as a gift. This gives the couple carte-blanche to do what they really want with the money. How much cash you give to the couple totally depends on your budget and relationship with them.

Gift Cards

These are the cashless equivalent of money. You can give the couple gift cards to their favorite store where they can shop and get the things they would actually want.


This set is ideal for couples who are moving into a new place. It will also be helpful if one or both partners have culinary skills.

Now, no one wants to max out their credit cards buying gifts for a wedding that’s not even theirs. How much you spend should depend largely on your budget and how much you can comfortably spend.