What Groomsmen Should Wear

to Get Ready  for the Ceremony

The Groomsmen are just as vital to the wedding as the bridal party. So how they get ready on the morning of the wedding is pretty crucial.

Groomsmen should wear undershirts, buttoned shirts, and pants while getting ready. While no solid customs define how they should gear up, wearing those three pieces of clothing is a good start.

An undershirt, a button shirt, and a pair of pants – this combination is what groomsmen should wear when they start to get ready.

This Is What Groomsmen Should Wear to Get Ready

On average, the preparation time for groomsmen is about 30 minutes. But it could be shorter or longer, depending on some factors.

How Long Should Groomsmen Take To Get Ready?

The groomsmen typically get ready wherever the groom gets ready. This may be at the groom's house, his parent's house, or in a hotel.

Where Do Groomsmen Get Ready?