Wedding Shower  VS  Engagement Party

Wedding showers and engagement parties are a significant memory for every couple. One event celebrates the couple’s decision to tie the knot while the other is a gesture of love for the bride and is purposed to provide the couple with essentials to start their life.

The first pre-wedding party is usually the engagement party. An engagement party happens when the couple decides to make their relationship into a lifelong commitment of staying by each other’s side through thick and thin.

A wedding shower is an event that happens prior to the wedding of a couple which focuses on showering the couple with lots of love and well wishes from close friends, family, and relatives.

Both events are particularly important in their own context. An engagement party is thrown when the couple decides to make their news official.

Gifts are an effective way to express love and gratitude to the couple. The most common types of gifts are usually home appliances and things that will help the couple once they move to their new home. At an engagement party, there aren’t any regulations regarding the gifts you are going to bring to the party.