Wedding Cake

Regular Cake

8 Differences


Wedding Cakes and Regular Cakes may sometimes not look too different. But when you consider the cost, time, and other factors involved in baking both types of cakes, you will find some marked differences.

Wedding Cakes and Regular Cakes differ in several ways, primarily in their baking process, taste, and purpose. But beyond that, they fall within different price ranges.

Obviously, a baker will make a Wedding cake for a wedding. But a Regular Cake can be for any other event, including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas parties, baby showers, and wedding proposals.


As you may have guessed, Wedding Cakes are typically bigger than Regular Cakes. This is understandable because wedding cakes usually come in multiple tiers.


Of course, this does not mean you will not find Wedding Cakes in other colors. It only means that you are more likely to find a white or pastel Wedding Cake. Unlike Wedding Cakes, you can find Regular Cakes in any color.