5 Ways to Save Wedding Cards

Wedding Cards can be one of the best parts of getting married. Friends and family use cards to give gifts and write heartfelt messages.

Unfortunately, these cards usually end up in storage or in the trash after the wedding. Some couples would rather find a way to keep their wedding cards, but this can be difficult.

You can take a picture of each card and upload them to the cloud. When you want to relive your wedding, you can use your TV, phone, or computer monitor to read through old messages from friends and family.

Create a Digital Slideshow

Instead of having thousands of photos on your phone or in the cloud, you can choose a set of pictures and have a company create a custom photo album for you.

Send Pictures to an Album Company

Keepsake Boxes can fit cards along with other wedding mementos, like dried flowers from your bouquet, favorite pictures, or party favors.

Use a Keepsake Box