6 Ways to Put Fresh Flowers in Your Hair

What are some of the best ways to get that fantastic flower look?

Here are our best 11 ideas and strategies for how to put fresh flowers in your hair for your perfect wedding-day hairstyle.

Chrysanthemum Crown

You could do a crown braid, with all or just a small portion of your hair creating a braided headband across the top of your head.

Sunflower Streamers

Instead of taking the flowers from front to back, let’s try from top to bottom! To make these streamers, simply braid smaller strands of your hair from the crown of your head to the ends.

Violet Veil

Take your veil, which is typically made of mesh with small holes for transparency, and decorate it with tiny flowers interspersed throughout the whole thing!

Wanting fresh flowers in your hair on wedding day is a beautiful concept. Naturally, a lot of people worry about their big day and how they’ll look