9 Ways to Politely Decline a Wedding Invitation

Politely declining is a subtle way to let someone you care about know how much you'd like to be there. It's also an excellent way to convey your love for them even though you won't be there for their big day.

Unfortunately, schedules and other family commitments sometimes get in the way. If you can't make a wedding, here are nine ways to politely decline a wedding invitation.

A Handwritten Note  This is best done with a handwritten note on the invitation or on a piece of paper you send to the wedding couple.

Call Them  Although it may feel nerve-wracking to call someone and tell them you can't come, a phone call is among the politest ways to let people know you can't make it.

Send a Gift If you can't make it to their wedding, send them a nice gift to celebrate the union and smooth over any ruffled feathers about you missing the ceremony.