9 Ways to Decline a Bridal Party Invitation

What if you’re invited to be part of someone’s bridal party, and you either can’t make it or don’t want to? Learning how to decline a bridal party invitation with grace will help ease the pain of telling someone no.

If someone invites you to be part of their bridal party and you run into them regularly, give them the courtesy of declining in person.

Decline in Person

Suppose you can’t decline in person. Smooth things over with a nice bouquet of flowers. Flowers are perfect because some gifts will come off as you are trying to assuage your guilt over not being there for them.

Send Flowers

You don’t owe them a reason why you can’t be in their bridal party, but sometimes explaining why will be a big help. Tell them why, and hope that they understand.

Let Them Know Why

Buying a personal gift is an excellent way to communicate love to the bride after you have declined their invitation. Get them something they love to let them know that you care about them and wish them well.

Send a Nice Gift