11 Things to Do with Your Wedding Dress After the Wedding

There’s a lot you can do with your wedding dress other than letting it sit in a closet for decades. You can get more value out of your dress by finding ways to make it useful and create something that other people can enjoy long after the wedding.

If you have a dress you love, find a way to keep it in great condition and give it life after you’re married!

Here are some great ideas for what you can do with your wedding dress.

Selling an Old Wedding Dress

If you purchased an expensive or designer wedding dress, there’s likely a lot of demand for your dress online.

You should avoid keeping your wedding dress in direct sunlight or in overly humid conditions.

Preserve the Dress

Make a Dress for Your Child

If you’re planning on having kids, you can save your dress for their christening, baptism, church dress, or just a fun way to dress up.