Is It Better To Size A Ring Up Or Down?

Everyone wants to find the ideal size for the ring but if you can’t the best thing would be to size the ring up. Sizing a ring up is the most logical and safest option. This is because it is much easier to resize a ring to a smaller size rather than to a bigger size.

A ring that fits the size of your finger should be able to be spun both clockwise and counterclockwise whenever you want to. If you are having trouble trying to spin your ring, it simply means that the ring is too tight for you.

As a general rule, a ring that perfectly fits your finger should slide over your knuckles with some friction. It also should fit snugly on your finger without any feeling of a tight grip on the skin underneath.

Methods to Measure Ring Size   - The Mandrel Method - The Ribbon Method

When a ring is resized, the spot where it was cut and soldered will generally become weaker. Worst case scenario, if you apply too much pressure on the spot where the ring is soldered, it can break.