DIY Wedding Flowers

Pros and Cons of

The average cost of wedding flowers is 7%-8% of your wedding budget. Cost is one of the reasons most couples opt for the DIY route for their wedding flowers. 

While working with a florist to create a gorgeous bouquet, You'll have to pay for the sourcing costs, the labor involved, and the complexity of the design.

PROS - Save Costs

You get to choose textures and colors that reflect your personality. It's satisfying to watch your hard work on display on your big day.

PROS - Add a Personal Touch

Remember, you don't have the experience of sourcing flowers in season, which means you might spend more without realizing it.

CONS- It Can Get Expensive

Time is not something you may have when planning your wedding. You may need to get friends and relatives to help with the flowers.

CONS- It's Tedious and Time-Consuming