Planning Your Wedding

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It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed out when planning a wedding and working with a short timeline. Most wedding planners recommend a timeline of 12-18 months to prepare and plan for a wedding.

A marriage license can take time to process. You need to check this first and be sure to book an appointment. While in some areas, there’s an option of doing this online, sometimes it is required that you be present to confirm your identities.

Check the Marriage License Requirements

Before you get started on any other thing, you need to have a budget in mind. Working with a budget allows you to make decisions easily and quickly.

Have a Budget in Mind

Decide on things like the date, type of wedding you intend to have, your guest list, vendors, and if you will be working with a planner.

Create a Detailed Plan With Set Deadlines

Start by sharing your wedding date/month with your guests to give them an idea of what to expect. Ask them to advise on availability as this will help you know the number of confirmed guests and the number of uncertain ones.

Confirm the Number of Guests Expected