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9 Tips for a Memory Table at Your Wedding

Weddings are a wonderful time when friends and family come together to celebrate a new union. If you’re thinking about building a memory table at your wedding, check out the 9 tips to help you pull it off successfully.

Put as many photos up of your loved one (or loved ones) as possible. Pictures tell the story of who they are and what they did while they were still alive. Of course, if possible, it’s always a great idea to have the bride or the groom in the pictures with those being honored.

Most people keep small keepsakes of special people who pass away. Perhaps you have a money clip or saved a personal diary of your parents or grandparent. It also makes the table more decorative, and people will grasp the meaning of the table more quickly than if it’s just photos on the table.

Weddings are often filled with flowers. Your loved one, however, may have had a different favorite flower than those you chose for your wedding’s theme. That’s great if they are different because it will draw attention to the memory table and make people notice it more.

A special biography written by the bride or the groom is always a nice touch. You can write a short text focused on who the person was and why they were and still are so special to you.