Is It Tacky to Use Fake Flowers for Your Wedding?

Research shows couples spend about $800-$2,500 on wedding flowers. The cost may quickly add up depending on the type and quantities of flowers you want and the wedding venue.

While some fake flowers may look tacky and cheap, not all artificial flowers do. The trick is to get quality, realistic flowers that are affordable.

Are Fake Wedding Flowers Tacky?

Fake wedding flowers are not tacky depending on the quality of the flowers, how they are used, and where you intend to use them.

As a bride, there are different reasons you might consider fake flowers for your wedding. Some of these include the following:  To Save on Costs // Countless Designs and Colors to Choose From // Artificial Flowers are Allergen-Free

Why Should You Consider Using  Fake Wedding Flowers?

Mix Both Real and Fake Flowers

Avoid using all fake flowers as that can appear tacky. You don’t want to seem overly cheap on your wedding day. Incorporate some real flowers in your bridal bouquet or the boutonniere.