Is It Okay to Not Have a Rehearsal Dinner?

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It is okay for you not to have a rehearsal dinner. No fixed rules, etiquette, or laws forbid you from skipping this tradition. Some couples have their own reasons why they decided not to have a rehearsal dinner.

Insufficient funds

Due to financial constraints or the lack of extra cash, some couples decide to have a simple and small wedding. So, a rehearsal dinner is usually not included in their checklist.

Unavailable guests

Most of the time, invitations are sent out to the guests a few days or weeks before the dinner rehearsal. So, having a rehearsal dinner with only a few would waste time and money.

Alternatives to a Rehearsal Dinner

If you still think having people gathered on the evening before the wedding ceremony can be quite fun and meaningful, there are a few alternatives to a rehearsal dinner from which you can choose.

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A rehearsal dinner is just a small pre-celebratory ceremony that gathers everyone together to have a good time the day before the wedding. Don’t feel bad if you can’t afford it or decide not to have one. It’s not a big deal to skip a rehearsal dinner.