Is It Normal to Feel Disappointed After Your Wedding?

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It is normal to feel disappointed after your wedding, although it is rarely a persistent feeling. There are different reasons you may feel disappointed after your wedding.

It Was Over Too Fast

The thing I hear the most from my newlywed friends is that the wedding was over too fast. It was as if they just blinked, and months of planning was over in just a few hours.

Someone Important Did Not Show Up

When someone you wanted to be at your wedding could not attend, it is understandable to be disappointed about that after your wedding.

You Feel Like It Was Not Worth the Money Spent

Weddings can cost a lot of money, and sometimes, once the wedding is over, you may think it was not worth the money you spent.

Feeling disappointed after your wedding is normal, no matter what anyone else tells you. It is not something that’s talked about much, but many people feel the exact same way after their wedding.