Is It Cheaper to Make Your Own Wedding Food?

Some people save money on weddings by self-catering. It’s certainly cheaper to make your own wedding food. The main concern you should have, however, is what it will cost you in terms of time and stress.

Can You Handle It?

Cooking on a large scale is incredibly tough. Good catering companies charge a premium because people remember the food, elevating the wedding experience.

Make It a Cocktail Party

Hiring a mixologist to churn out fancy drinks will be something to remember and make your wedding more unique!

The Backyard BBQ

If your dream wedding involves bare feet on the grass or a beach, you can save a ton of money by grilling your wedding food.

The Pick-and-Choose Strategy

If the thought of cooking all of your own food is terrifying, but you still want to save money, then you can opt to cater portions of your reception.