How to Keep Wedding Tablecloths 

From Wrinkling

Many couples and their families get stressed out on their wedding day when they see wrinkled tablecloths all over their venue. 

Ironing works on cotton tablecloths and polyester.  Check the iron settings and choose a cooler temperature suitable for whatever material you have.

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Ironing Wedding Tablecloths

You can rent or buy a handheld steamer and have someone go through the tables looking for wrinkles. Make sure you have enough time to steam them all.

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Steaming the Tablecloths

Using the dryer on settings like “Permanent Press” is another fantastic way to get wrinkles out of synthetic wedding tablecloths. 

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Put Them in the Dryer

Many wedding tablecloths are made of synthetic materials like polyester. If you want to keep them wrinkle-free, you should store them flat.