How to Have a Small Wedding Without Offending People

The whole process of planning a small wedding can be stressful as you want to celebrate your special day without offending your family and friends.

Read on to learn how you can still have a small wedding without conflict.

Let everyone know you can't afford to throw a lavish event as your limited budget is limited. No one plans to start their life in debt, and the uninvited guests will understand when you explain this.

Inform Your Friends and Family About Your Wedding Plans

Draft Your Guest List and Be on the Same Page With Your Partner

Some may consider a 20-person wedding small, while others consider 100 people enough to host an intimate ceremony.

Opt for a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding also allows you to combine your wedding celebration with the honeymoon, which could further cut costs.

Consider Elopement

Elopement should be considered as the last resort. It's one way to enjoy a small wedding without offending your family and friends.