How to Have a Small Wedding With a Big Family

One of the best ways to shrink your budget is to throw a small wedding. You can get creative and ask people close to you to get involved. With help, you can pull off a small wedding without making people feel like they’re excluded.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas on how to throw a small wedding for a big family, you’re in the right place.  Here are some approaches you can use to make your small wedding go off without a hitch!

Come to an Agreement

Before you start planning your small wedding, you need to discuss wedding expectations with your partner.  The big family could be their side of the family, and they may want everyone there.

Destination Weddings

For the most part, the people who will commit to a destination wedding will be the people you wanted there in the first place.  On your wedding day, you’ll see your closest friends and relatives by your side.

Have the Reception in Your Backyard

Hosting a reception in your yard or at a house that’s conducive to having a reception is another way to limit the size of your wedding.