How to End a Wedding Without a Send-Off

Sometimes couples are in places or have circumstances that make a traditional send-off impossible. You can still find a way to bring your wedding reception to a close.

Sending couples off at weddings is also a perfect picture opportunity. Send-offs are great because they tell guests when to leave.

A Fireworks Display No matter how tipsy or committed to the dancefloor your guests are, everyone will stop and stare once fireworks start lighting up the night sky. It’s also a terrific way to break up the celebration.

Sharing the Last Dance If you’re worried about how to end your wedding without being rude or having it feel sudden, then get your DJ involved. In your planning, tell them that you would like to use the last dance as a way to bring things to a close.

Ending a wedding is always a bit tricky. Get creative with your wedding closing and ask people around you for some ideas.  Find a way to make the end of your wedding reception the ideal close to a memorable night.