How to Cash Wedding Checks Before Your Name Changes

Wedding gifts come in different shapes and forms. It is also the easiest way for people to show their appreciation and support for the newlyweds. In some cases, you will also receive gifts in the form of checks.

So, how can you cash wedding checks before your name changes? The best way to overcome this issue is by opening up a joint bank account with your future spouse before your wedding day.

How to Write a Wedding Check

Pick one person as the payee If you’re a friend of the bride, it would be easier for you to write the check under her name and vice versa.

Wedding Check vs. Cash: Which Is Better?

Honestly, it usually depends on the couples and how they intend to use the money for their wedding.  Giving cash will be a better option if they want to use some funds for their honeymoon or purchase household items for their house.

These tips and tricks will ensure that your wedding checks can be cashed out without further delay or technical problems.  But before you decide to make a joint bank account, discuss all finances and money-related matters with your partner.