How to Ask Bridesmaids to Pay for Hair and Makeup Styling?

Most people getting married want their bridesmaids to look their best. However, if you need your bridesmaids to pay for their part, here are some tips on approaching the subject.

Who Should Pay for Hair and Makeup? You should be ready to foot the bill if you want to dictate how people look on your wedding day.

Asking the Right Way Let them know that you won’t be able to pay for everything and that you’re trying to keep hair and makeup as affordable as possible for everyone.

Set a Theme for Your Wedding Talk about colors, patterns, and themes, and let them know your vision for how everyone will look.

Give Your Bridesmaids Options Letting your bridesmaids wear their own dresses allows them to choose something they like to wear, and it could save you money that you can then use to pay for hair and makeup.