How Many Dresses Do Brides Wear?

Most times, brides will stay in their formal wedding attire for the whole day. Other times, brides will make several wardrobe changes to show off different styles and move the wedding through various stages.

In the U.S., most brides will wear just one dress. It’s easy to understand why, especially when you typically pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for the perfect dress.

Changing dresses during a wedding is more common in some countries and cultures.  Some brides change into another white dress that is different from their ceremony dress..

Modern brides love to change into something more comfortable for the dance floor. You can also wear a dress you won’t fret about if wine spills on it.

Have fun with your attire and how you’ll arrange your wedding schedule. If you’re inclined, choose alternate dresses that will highlight your style and personality or pay homage to your culture.