10 Differences Between a Bridal Shower  and a  Wedding Shower

Pre-wedding festivities are an exciting time for get-togethers and parties.

A bridal shower is a party just for the bride with her closest female friends and family, while a wedding shower is a party for both the bride and the groom and both sexes can be invited.

Basically, both events are a party that revolves around gifts.

Couples can choose to have a bridal shower or a wedding shower but it cannot be both.

A bridal shower is a party to celebrate and honor the bride.

A wedding shower is a party for both the bride and the groom and is also known as a couples shower.

Some fun bridal shower activities can be a spa party, a mini fashion show, tarot reading, karaoke...

What usually happens in a wedding shower are dinners, speeches, and the opening of the presents.

Bridal showers are typically a daytime event held in the afternoon...

Wedding showers could be a brunch, lunch, or a dinner party, but the most common are dinner parties.

Wedding showers are often held at a host’s house, a restaurant, a country club, a function space, or any venue that the couple likes.

Common venues for a bridal shower are at the host’s house, a family member or a friend’s house, the bride’s favorite restaurant or bar, or a hotel room.

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