9 Creative Wedding Garter Removal Ideas

 Garter removal is a wedding tradition whereby the groom, using his hands or teeth, removes a garter from the bride’s leg and tosses it to his single friends.

What is garter removal?

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How Does Garter Removal Work?

The groom removes it either by hand or with his teeth and traditionally tosses it to a bunch of waiting bachelors.

What Does the Garter Toss Symbolize?

It has always been a sign of good luck to whoever catches it, that they will hopefully be the next person getting married.

9 Garter Removal  Ideas and  Alternatives

Garter Dance Off

This is a dance performed by the groom to get approval to go for the garter beneath the wedding gown… in front of everybody of course.

Populate the Garter Toss

Although garter toss has traditionally been associated with single people, remember, there are no rules, so you can choose to welcome everyone to participate.

Toss it Anyway

It is best to have a garter set, since they come in pairs, meaning that the bride can wear one, and won’t have to take it off, while the extra one can be used to toss to the guests.

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