7 Child-free Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Choosing to have a child-free wedding is perfectly fine, especially if you’re having a formal ceremony and reception. The main challenge of hosting a wedding without children is wording things to get the point across without hurting people’s feelings.

One way to word it nicely on your invitation is to keep things light-hearted. t’s a nice and short solution that won’t take up much room on your invitation.

Make It Playful

You may want to invite children to only parts of your wedding. Always be polite, of course.

Ceremony vs. Reception

You can follow simple etiquette tips to make it clear no children are invited. Don’t, for example, address the invitation to the entire family.

Make Sure the Invitations Are Addressed Properly

If you don’t want to put any wording about children on the invite, you can always make it clear when people go to RSVP.

Put Adults Only on the RSVP Card