Can You Wear White Shoes  to a Wedding?

White is reserved for the bride on the wedding day to guarantee the spotlight is firmly on her throughout the ceremony and the reception.

You may think it’s ok to wear a little white, like white shoes, to a wedding, but you’d be surprised at how sensitive people are about this tradition.

When people wear white to a wedding, the thinking is that the color draws the spotlight away from the bride, who is supposed to be the only person  wearing white.

Why Wedding Guests  Don’t Wear White

Shoes and other smaller accents, however, typically aren’t that big of a deal. It would be strange if anyone said anything to you about wearing white shoes  to a wedding.

White Shoes Aren’t  Normally a Big Deal

Read your invitation to look for directions on what you should wear. Black-tie means as formal as you can get, while smart casual or casual means you can dress down.

Follow the  Wedding Dress Code