Can You Rent Flowers for a Wedding?

It may not seem like it, but flowers are one of the most expensive parts of a wedding budget.

You can rent flowers for a wedding. However, rented flowers are not fresh blooms; they are faux flowers. But while they are not actual blooms, they look much like real flowers.

If you want to rent flowers for your wedding, you should do so early – say three to six months before the wedding. By doing this, you will almost certainly get the exact flowers you want for your wedding.

How to Rent Flowers for a Wedding

* Faux flowers don’t wilt. * The type of flower you want is available all year. * Faux flowers are hypoallergenic.

Benefits of Faux Flowers for Your Wedding

* Faux flowers do not have a scent. * If you rent faux flowers for your wedding, you must return them in time. * Regarding customization, faux flower arrangements give little or no flexibility.

Cons of Faux Flowers for Your Wedding