Can You Get Rid of the Train on a Wedding Dress?

You can get rid of the train on a wedding dress if you want to, although it will likely add extra costs and a qualified seamstress.  There are many ways to get rid of wedding dress trains.

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Removing the train from your wedding dress can change the entire appearance of your dress, so make sure you are ready for the change.

Remove the Train Completely

A seamstress can sew in an apparatus to allow you to bustle or button up your train depending on the length. The great thing about bustling or buttoning your train is that your dress will appear like it does not have a train, but it does.

Bustle It or Button It

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Another way to hide your train is to tie it up to either your wrist or another part of your dress.  This allows you to keep the train visible without it dragging around on the floor or ground.

Tie It Up

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If you have not purchased a wedding dress yet and you do not want a train, the easiest and less expensive route is to simply find a dress without a train.

Choose a Different Wedding Dress

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