Can Wedding Planning Make You Depressed?

Wedding planning can make you depressed. In fact, prewedding depression is not an uncommon phenomenon amongst couples. Here are some various reasons why wedding planning makes you depressed.

Things Are More Expensive Than You Hoped

If the prices of the things you planned for your wedding are to exceed your budget, you may start stressing over how to or who will pay for them. If that feeling persists long enough, you may feel blue.

Coming Up With the Final Guest List Seems Impossible

Deciding who to invite to the wedding and who to drop is daunting. While compiling your guest list, you may start worrying about how your family and friends will feel about certain decisions you make regarding the guest list.

Family Drama

The wedding planning period typically sees many family members come around to assist. However, then there’s a fair chance of encounters between family members. Such confrontations may lead to uncomfortable and draining moments for you.

The Flurry of Decisions to Make

Having to make decisions about so many things—significant or not—within a limited time is not an everyday thing for most people. The flurry of decisions can drain you physically and mentally.