11 Bridal Shower Themes for Fall

The bridal shower is planned so all the bride’s friends and family can come together to celebrate and also bring gifts for the couple. It can range from an intimate affair in a restaurant with four people to a full blown party with over a hundred guests and all the party frills.

If you are looking for the perfect season to have your bridal shower, the fall season is a great choice as it has the perfect blend of the heat and the cold, as well as that extra burst of color.

You can have an afternoon tea party with your loved ones. An intimate setting with a sprinkle of sophistication is just the thing for your bridal shower.

You usually don’t have to worry about whether it will rain or not during the fall. You can plan an outdoor barbecue and feed your guests till they’re full. A long table can be set and decorated with flowers, while a barbecue stand is available.

Picture your guests walking around the garden in their beautiful floral dresses, holding up their glasses of wine and mingling with each other in a serene colorful garden.