Big vs. Small Wedding

Which is the Better Option?

"Congratulations on your marriage proposal. Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, so you want it to go as perfectly as possible."

"Both big and small weddings can suit you according to what you have in mind. You need to consider your budget, wishes, and family when choosing the size of your wedding."

"What is the difference between a big and a small wedding? What should you consider when planning your wedding?"

"A wedding with over 150 guests is considered big. Aside from the number of guests, a wedding that is considered big usually has a lot of “inviters.” Inviters refer to the number of persons with invitation cards."

Big Weddings

"A small wedding is a wedding with 50 or fewer guests. It is as simple as possible, so you do not need to plan a lot for this wedding. The guests are limited to just your close friends and relatives."

Small Weddings