16 Alternatives to Confetti at a Wedding You Should Know

If you decide not to use confetti at your wedding because it is hard to clean up and non-biodegradable, your decision is valid and responsible. But your wedding does not have to be confetti-less because you chose not to use traditional confetti. There are many substitutes to confetti you can work with.


Birdseed is super eco-friendly; they either decay, get eaten by birds, or grow into new plants. Any of these 3 possibilities will help the environment.

Dried Flower Petals

Dried flower petals can give you the same slow-falling effect confetti offers. But besides that, they can be pretty and colorful. Dried flower petals are biodegradable.


You need not worry about feathers polluting the environment; they are organic, so they will decompose. When getting feathers, ensure you naturally collect them. Do not try to harm birds just to get feathers for confetti.

Natural Fall Leaves

Natural fall leaves are another perfect alternative to confetti at fall weddings. Since fall leaves typically come in various colors, ranging from yellow to orange and gold, they can make the wedding colorful.