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11 Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

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Gone are the days when all men wore a plain yellow gold wedding band for their entire lives. Now, men can choose unique wedding bands that offer more styles, colors, and metals.

You can find men’s wedding rings in wood, gold, meteorite, silicone, titanium, and a host of other materials. Some people even have multiple wedding rings they wear, depending on what they’re doing.

For example, you can wear a traditional gold band at work or out on the weekends, but a silicone ring is better for working out at the gym.

Likewise, a titanium ring or some other strong material is perhaps best suited for work if you’re an electrician or a construction worker.

In addition to choosing rings based on practicality, people select men’s wedding bands with different styles to make them stand out.

You can buy honeycomb designs, rings with gems in them, and rings made of dinosaur bones.

Here are some unique men’s wedding bands to help as you shop for a new ring.

Unique Wedding Band Materials

When shopping for a men’s wedding band, the ring material is often one of the top considerations. The type of metal or material you select will impact its price, look, and durability.

Couples are beginning to move beyond traditional gold and platinum rings. Below are some different materials you can choose for your wedding rings.

Standard Gold and Platinum

two Wedding Ring Bands on the table

Gold and platinum are still popular choices for men’s and women’s wedding bands. They offer a classic, timeless look, and these precious metals pair very well with gems like diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires.

Just because you want gold or platinum doesn’t mean you have to choose a plain band.

Modern jewelers make unique gold wedding bands with patterns, laced metals, and gem designs to make your ring stand out.

You can engrave golden rings with names, wedding dates, or other meaningful information. Some people also love the look of distressed gold with darker shades in the grooves to give a ring more character.

One of the best things about gold and platinum is that they look brand new, as long as you keep them polished.

With just a few minutes of polishing each year, your ring will stay sparkling like it did when you first put it on your finger.


wedding ring band on couples hand

Titanium rings are a great option because they are affordable and shiny, like gold or platinum rings.

Depending on the size and design, you can buy a titanium wedding ring for anywhere from $12 to $50. This is a great option for people who want to have a more formal back-up ring.

You can wear the titanium ring at a club or on vacation and not worry about losing your primary ring.

You can find titanium rings with large cubic zirconia stones  on them for something flashier or go with a titanium ring that looks like brushed metal .


closeup photo of tungsten wedding band

For those who want the look of precious metals without the high price tag, tungsten is a versatile material that can be shaped, colored, and polished to look like a classic gold band.

For instance, this black King Will tungsten carbide ring  has a style groove running down the middle of the ring, and it only costs around $20.

You can find black tungsten rings with polished metal edges on the outside, or you can buy a unique shiny black tungsten ring with a personal inscription on the inside that only your partner can read.

One of the best things about tungsten is that it’s incredibly durable, and you can change its color without affecting its quality.

These rings are fantastic for people who want to make a bold statement.


Two striped wooden rings on white fur background

For nature lovers, wood can be a unique wedding ring material. You can choose from different types of wood, including sandalwood and Koa wood.

Most wooden wedding bands are bordered by tungsten, titanium, or ceramic to protect the wood and give the ring some weight, as wooden rings can be much lighter than other materials.

You can buy wooden wedding rings in different stains for a more unique look.


Jade Wedding Rings on a golden plate

Jade is a precious stone with a rich green color.

Jade rings vary widely in price. Certain types of jade are very affordable, while other rarer types of jade may be more expensive.

Jade rings are also quite fragile, so you’ll want to avoid wearing one to the gym or somewhere else where you might risk damaging it.


Black silicon wedding band on males left hand

Silicone is great for people who love to stay active, because silicone rings are rubbery and easy to put on and take off.

Instead of taking your ring off multiple times a day, you can just keep the silicone ring on and not worry about it.

Modern silicone rings come with a textured surface that grips the skin better than a smooth surface. They also have different styles with grooves and patterns for unique looks.

Here's  an example of a pack of silicone wedding rings you can find on Amazon. You can get multiple rings in different colors that are breathable and durable.


Wedding rings with a meteorite on a white background and near a green leaf of a plant

You can show your partner your love with a wedding band made of meteorite.

Since meteorite is a rare material, these wedding bands will be more expensive than tungsten or silicone rings.

For a couple of hundred dollars, however, you can have a solid black ring with a real meteorite inlay  to gift to your husband as a unique wedding band.

People love the look of meteorite, especially since it’s not a very common material. Premium watch brands like Rolex use meteorite in their watch dials, so you’re certainly in good company if you buy one of these rings.

There are many imitation meteorite rings, so be careful when shopping. Anything that is significantly cheaper than the normal cost of meteorite rings is probably not the real thing.

Dinosaur Bone

close up photo of dinosaur bone wedding ring on a black background

Dinosaur bone is one of the most unique men’s wedding band materials you can find.

If you like the idea of a dinosaur bone wedding ring, start looking at some different choices. You can find rings with both meteorite and dinosaur bone  on them as well.

Dinosaur bone rings can be expensive, especially compared to titanium or wooden rings. However, there’s only a limited supply of dinosaur rings, so you can be sure it’s a unique choice.

Unique Wedding Band Styles

Now that we’ve covered some unique materials, let’s look at some novel wedding band styles for men.

Puzzle Rings

Golden puzzle ring isolated on a white background

Puzzle wedding rings are a unique option that are rising in popularity.

Puzzle rings break down into little links. To put the ring back together, you have to re-arrange the links correctly. Puzzle rings symbolize the hard work required for a successful marriage.

You can find puzzle rings made of different materials, like silver or gold .

Graphic Rings

Once you see how many wedding band options exist, you realize they don’t have to be a certain color or a particular shape.

With graphic rings, you can print whatever design you want on them. This could be your favorite sports team, pet, or religious symbol.

Here’s an example of a colorful silicone ring made of breathable rubber and an eye-popping design  that everyone will notice. You can choose these rings in various colors, and they’re affordable enough to buy several at a time.

Woven Wedding Rings

hand-made rattan woven in the shape of a ring on the cement floor

People love woven wedding rings, because they’re a special twist on the traditional men’s wedding band.

You can buy woven rings in different weave thicknesses. Thinner weaves look more refined, while thicker weaves stand out more.

Some people buy wedding rings with woven patterns to symbolize certain aspects of their ethnic or cultural heritage.

Final Thoughts

Unique wedding bands allow you to express yourself in creative ways.

Whether you’re wearing a silicone or a silver ring, the most important thing is that you love the design. Use our list to see what’s available and choose the ring that works best for you!