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7 Tips for Picking Wedding Flowers

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Not only do flowers add color to your wedding, but they also allow you to express your creativity and style.

As a bride, keep in mind that choosing wedding flowers is different from picking flowers for other occasions.

A lot of details go into picking wedding flowers, as they can make or break your big day.

Read on for some tips on picking wedding flowers.

Florist carefully putting together a beautiful wedding bouquet

1. Create a Budget

Weddings are expensive, and you need to be realistic about how much you intend to spend on your flowers. Your budget will determine how many and what type of flowers you can buy.

Couples usually allocate around 10% of their wedding budget to flowers. 

The total amount may vary, based on the number of flower arrangements you need and the type of flowers you order. 

If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to consider floral accents and greenery options to lower costs. Couples willing to splurge on flowers have access to pricier flowers and more elegant designs. 

After coming up with a figure, you can start shopping around for available options.

Before setting your heart on a certain flower or arrangement, make sure you calculate the entire cost.  Flowers can be very expensive, especially if you are going for out-of-season flowers. 

You must also account for extras, like tips and taxes.

woman wearing grey wedding dress holding a flower bouquet

2. Choose an Arrangement

Once you’ve decided on a budget, you will need to decide what flower arrangements you want.

Some common flower arrangements are:

  • Wedding bouquets
  • Bridesmaid’s bouquets
  • Boutonniere
  • Wedding centerpiece
  • Flower arch
  • Garlands
  • Aisle markers

Knowing what flower arrangements you need will help you as you decorate. Decide on what is essential and skip arrangements that are not as important. 

The best thing about flowers is that you can repurpose them. 

For example, you can use the aisle flowers to decorate the cake table at your reception venue. The floral arch can also act as an escort card display or be placed anywhere at the reception.

Reuse your flowers to get more value for your money.

Jar with flowers for wedding

3. Create a Vision

Pinterest is an excellent platform for wedding flower inspiration.

However, most of these images are from expensive weddings, and some flowers may not be available, depending on location or time of year. 

Use Pinterest, bridal magazines, and movies for inspiration, but don’t get too stuck on recreating every detail.

Think about the flowers you like and those you’d rather avoid. Create a mood board with your ideas, incorporating the style and preferred arrangements. 

Decide whether you want the flower colors to contrast or complement your wedding color scheme. 

If you’re planning a garden or park wedding, you will have plenty of natural scenery to work with, so you can keep the flowers to a minimum.

However, weddings in halls or hotels will require more elaborate arrangements to make them stand out. 

Wedding flower bouquet

4. Add Your Touch

Picking flowers is more than just choosing the flower itself. You can personalize your wedding experience and discover the meaning behind your favorite flowers. 

For example, orchids symbolize beauty, red roses represent passion and love, pink roses represent grace, and white roses symbolize a new beginning, purity, and innocence. 

Additionally, consider adding special details to the flowers, like the couple’s names or any special gift the family may have given you.

Female florist in flower shop finishing orders

5. Consider Working With a Florist

Although picking flowers may seem simple, choosing flowers on a budget can be stressful.

Apart from choosing the flowers, you must also figure out how to arrange the flowers on the big day. That can be overwhelming if you don’t have the experience or time to set everything up.

Working with a florist can make things easier.

Read reviews and check the florists’ previous work to find one who matches your style and with whom you would feel comfortable working.

An experienced wedding florist can help you find flowers based on your budget, color scheme, and season.

Florists also help by coordinating all decorations, from your ceremony venue to the reception.

Сhic wedding bouquet of peonies and roses in hands of the bride

6. Opt For Seasonal Wedding Flowers

While it’s tempting to pick your favorite blooms for your wedding, sometimes you may find that they are not in season. 

Different flowers are available in different seasons. For example, tulips and hyacinths are common in spring, while orchids and zinnias are plentiful in autumn. 

Choose flowers that are in season to minimize costs. Picking flowers that are out of season will cost you more, and you may have to account for shipping and transport costs.

Wedding arch in the woods with light bulbs and candle decoration, rustic wedding in the forest

7. Consider Alternatives

If you are trying to reduce wedding costs, consider alternatives such as feathers, candles, or leaves.

These items are visually appealing and cost considerably less than flowers.

Final Thoughts

Picking your wedding flowers doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With our tips above, you’ll have an idea of how to navigate this journey.

Consider working with a florist, as they can help you achieve your preferred style and look. Experienced florists will also help you work within your budget.