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29 Tips for a Beach Engagement Photo Shoot

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You don’t want to rue the possibilities and should-haves after you get the photos from your beach engagement shoot. So, it is only proper that you go in prepared.

From what you should wear to the poses, themes, and the best time of day to take the photos, here are 29 tips for your beach engagement photo shoot.

wedding portrait photographer taking photos of honeymoon couple on the beach at sunset, professional photography

8 Tips on What to Wear

Prepare for the Windy Conditions of the Beach

  • Since the beach is typically windy, you should wear items of clothing that suit windy conditions.
    • As the bride, if you will be wearing a dress for the shoot, wear cycling/Spanx shorts or swimsuit bottoms beneath the dress. This way, even when the wind blows your outfit up, there wouldn’t be any embarrassing moments.
    • Besides wearing bike shorts underneath your dress, opt for a long dress that cannot be blown upwards readily. This further reduces the chances of the wind disturbing your look during the shoot.

Colors to Wear

  • The ambiance at beaches is generally bright; the sands are bright, and the water is intensely colored. So, you should try to complement the atmosphere. Do this by opting for hues that are strong and solid; go for colors like purple, navy blue, red, and emerald green.
  • If you have to wear bright colors like whites, light blues, and light pastels, complement them with darker colors.

Avoid Busy Outfits

  • You want to ensure that whatever you wear is not busy. Excessively patterned outfits may also draw attention away from you and your better half.
  • Clothes with solid colors and large patterns are generally less busy than those with multiple small designs.
  • Do not wear clothes with inscriptions/words on them. These can also draw attention away from you.

Sundresses Are the Best

  • Well, it’s the beach, where it is usually sunny and warm. A sundress fits perfectly with this weather. Or, you could opt for something simple and casual.
  • You can wear extravagant outfits for your beach engagement photo shoot if you want. Just remember, there will be sand everywhere.
Happy couple hugging and smiling at each other at the beach

Sandals or Barefoot

  • Again, it’s the beach. So, you may decide to take the pictures barefoot. But you can also do your photo shoot in sandals.
  • You could wear shoes if you are worried about foot injuries, or you just prefer them. Of course, casual shoes like sneakers are preferable.

Wear Clothes You Are Comfortable In

  • In all of this, ensure you wear clothes that make you comfortable – outfits that make you feel like you.

Wear Complementary Outfits, Not Matching Outfits

  • Wearing matching or similar outfits for your photo shoot is not the best path to follow. It makes the pictures less exciting.
  • Instead of matching your outfits, make them complementary. Your clothes should have colors and patterns that balance each other instead.

Wear at Least One Accessory

Wonderful love story in photos. Pretty pair in green fruit garden.
  • A necklace or stylish scarf can add life to the engagement photos, as can a wristwatch or a unique bow tie. Of course, whatever the accessory may be, it must match your outfit.

14 Poses to Consider

There are various poses you can get into when taking engagement photos. You can try some conventional poses such as the following:


While facing each other, place your forehead on your partner’s forehead. You’ve probably seen this many times. So, it shouldn’t be hard to remake.


The nose-to-nose is pretty much like the head-to-head, except you touch noses instead of foreheads.

Beautiful photo of romantic couple in white clothes, holding each other, in an outdoor environment, well lit.

The Walking Pose

The walking pose is one you should really try on the beach. This pose involves you holding your partner’s hand while walking.

The photographer will try to get a shot that looks as natural as possible. So, you have to walk a short distance while the photographer takes a couple of photos.

The Running Pose

The running pose is pretty much the same as the walk pose, except you are running, not walking.

The Tip-Toe Kiss

How about you rise up onto the tips of your toes and kiss your partner sweetly?

Almost-Kiss Pose

Try out the almost-kiss pose if you prefer not to do an actual kiss. As the name says, you and your partner get in the kissing position but do not kiss; you just smile instead.

Wedding photo shoot at mountain Mangup in Crimea. Silhouette of loving couple newlyweds


This pose is pretty simple, yet it expresses your passion well. In the shoulder-to-shoulder pose, you stand beside your partner with your shoulder touching each other. Then you look into each other’s faces and smile.

If you would prefer a non-conventional pose, try some of the following:


You and your partner will hold hands while running before you jump together. The photographer may choose to take shots from the front or from your rearview. But in many cases, the rearview photos look more exciting.

The Silhouette

To get a silhouette photo, do your shoot at sunrise or sunset. The shot could just be you and your partner holding hands while strolling casually on the beach. It could be any pose both of you love since the photo is a silhouette anyway.

silhouette of couple holding hands

Pose With a Pet

You and your partner could pose with your pet. You both can hold the pet together while all three of you face the camera.

Alternatively, you and your partner can carry the pet while it faces the camera and both of your backs are to the camera.


Since you are on the beach, why not make the most of it? You and your partner can lay on the beach, close to the water, while the waves flow around you.


Rather than lay on the beach, you can get in the water, holding hands and smiling while the photographer takes your pictures.

Aerial drone view of couple bride and groom walking along the paradise beach with white sand, palm trees and blue water lagoon of Caribbean Sea, Saona island, Dominican Republic

Looking Up

This is pose is perfect in an area with tall structures like trees. So, if your beach has a treeline, then try this out.

The Dance Pose

You can simulate a dance with your partner while the photographer takes all the shots. This is a lot of fun, especially if you and your partner are not the best dancers.

Types of Beaches

  • The best types of beaches for engagement photo shoots offer various backdrops. Opt for a beach with more than the usual palm, sea, and sand scenery.
  • A beach with rock formations, mountains, flowers, gardens, and other exciting settings is preferable.
Back view of wedding couple is running on the sea beach. Sunny summer photo. Bride with groom on tropical beach

Best Time of Day to Take Photos

  • The best time for beach engagement photos is early in the morning or early in the evening.
  • For an early morning shoot, anytime from dawn till 10 am works. Daylight is softer and less likely to cast shadows at such times. Besides, the beach is less crowded and the colors of nature are more prominent. These should make things easier for the photographer and for you.
  • You could also opt for an early evening shot – say from around 4 pm onward.
  • Depending on how many outfits you have, you should look to spend around 2-3 hours on the photo shoot.
  • If you want silhouette photos, go very early in the morning or late in the evening when it is darker.


For your beach engagement photos, you need a photographer with the experience and the tools for the location.

The right photographer should tell you the best time of the day for the shoot. Beyond that, the photographer should have a special polarizing filter and ND filter.

These two things are necessary to highlight the color of the water and the sky.

5 Themes/Inspirations

Instead of the usual poses and photo ideas, you can try out some of the following inspirations:

Boat-Themed Shoot

Happy couple on a yacht in summer on romantic vacation

You could rent a boat, canoe, or jet ski and have your photo shoot on the water. There are many poses you can get into while in any of these water vessels. And you have the chance to do something unusual and creative.

Waterski-Themed Shoot

You two can get on waterskis together for your photo shoot. You can hold hands, kiss, or smile your way while waterskiing as the photographer takes pictures.

If possible, your partner can carry you on their shoulder or in their hands while they waterski.


Your photo shoot can also be horse-themed. The bride can sit on the horse while the groom leads the horse.

You can also hold hands while one of you leads the horse. Or both of you can ride the horse while the photographer takes the photos.

Play Frisbee

the image of couple playing Frisbee on the beach

You can also make your photo shoot frisbee-themed. You can do whatever you want and have fun doing it.

Throw the frisbee toward each other, pose beside each other while holding the frisbee, or just do anything natural with the disc.

Go Underwater

You can snorkel or scuba dive for your engagement photos. Of course, if you intend to do this, your photographer must be able to take underwater photos.