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11 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

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Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color, add some elegance to your special day, or pay attention to specific elements, flowers are guaranteed to provide that. 

Bride holding her wedding bridal bouquet

Picking the right wedding flowers can be daunting, given the multiple options available. Additionally, there are flowers for every season and every color option. If you’re struggling with what flowers to choose. 

Our detailed guide lists some of the most popular wedding flowers, where they are used, and how to incorporate them into your wedding day.

Top 11 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Some of the most popular flowers are:

1. Dahlias

A bouquet of colorful dahlia flowers on a wooden white tray

Dahlias are a popular choice in autumn and summer. These flowers can be featured in bouquets, buttonholes, centerpieces, and floral displays. 

The beauty of dahlias is they are available in different shades and colors. Whether you want a dense head with multiple layers, single flowers, ball-shaped, or cactus, you’ll find dahlias that match your color scheme. 

Dahlia flowers symbolize a lifelong commitment and lasting bond between two people.

They are also a representation of the start of something new. That makes them a perfect choice for couples who wish to assure each other of their commitment. 

Additionally, dahlias are great if you wish to incorporate bright yet subtle autumn colors into your wedding. From pastels to hot pinks and creams to red, you’re guaranteed to find a dahlia combination that will work for you. 

These flowers also pair well with most wedding themes. They pair well with vintage, elegant, rustic, or chic weddings.

Dahlias are also less expensive compared to other wedding flowers. That’s attributed to their long growing season, the most common variety being the cafe au lait dahlia. 

2. Sweet Peas

Lovely bouquet of sweet peas on wooden table

Sweet peas have elegance and charm, making them some of the most popular wedding flowers. With their alluring fragrance, beautiful array of hues, and stunning ruffled effect, brides will be spoiled for choice with sweet peas. 

The wide range of colors allows couples to have their wedding in spring and choose flowers in vibrant purples, coral pinks, and gorgeous whites. The list is endless. Sweet peas also look stunning when mixed with other springtime flowers. 

Sweet pea flowers symbolize blissful pleasure and good wishes.

They also represent kindness and friendship, which is perfect for couples who’ve grown to be friends and are now getting married.

These flowers can be used in bouquets, centerpieces, adorning a cake, or as a large floral display in the reception.

3. Lilacs

Bouquet of white and purple lilac spring flowers on light color stone background

Lilacs are in season during spring and are a fantastic choice for brides looking for flowers that work with any seasonal-inspired color themes. These flowers are available in a signature purple color but can also be in white.

Lilac flowers represent the first emotions of love, love at first sight, and enchantment.

They are used to express romantic intentions and feelings. These flowers also pair well with other blossoms. You can pair lilacs with yellow roses and baby breath.

Furthermore, lilacs can be used in bouquets, table centerpieces, and wedding reception decor.

4. Hydrangeas

Pink and blue hydrangea flowers on hand on white background

Hydrangeas are a versatile choice for wedding flowers. They are available in pink, white, purple, blue, and green.

Although hydrangeas work perfectly independently, they can also be paired with green leaves, grasses, or other flowers for any wedding theme. 

You can choose to pair hydrangeas with peonies or roses for a romantic theme or pair them with eucalyptus for a more natural wedding theme. 

The summer floral icon symbolizes abundance, grace, and beauty. It also represents sincere feelings and gratefulness. 

Hydrangeas can be used in bouquets and centerpieces to adorn the wedding cake or reception venue. Their size adds to the wow factor and a splendid, finished arrangement to any setup. 

5. Ranunculus

Beautiful pink ranunculus bouquet on white background

Ranunculus flower symbolizes love and admiration.

These springtime flowers add texture, vibrancy, and a splash of color to any wedding.

One of the reasons ranunculus is an immensely popular choice is its durability. These flowers can live up to two weeks if properly cared for. 

You can find these flowers in peach, pink, white, orange, red, and yellow. Furthermore, you can pair ranunculus with other flowers with garden roses, anemones, or peonies. 

Ranunculus can be incorporated in different ways throughout your wedding day decor. Apart from adding them to your bouquet, they can also make stunning hair pieces.

The flowers can also make a beautiful boutonniere as stand-alone blooms. They can also be used as accents on your cake or wedding program. 

6. Peonies

Beautiful white and pink peonies flowers bouquet in a vase on white background

Peonies represent beauty, love, romance, happiness, and honor.

These flowers were given traditionally on special occasions as an expression of joy, goodwill, and best wishes. 

Their scent, texture, and color are guaranteed to impress guests and make your big day stand out.

Peonies are available in red, fuchsia, coral, pink, and blush, which gives brides endless options to customize their bridal theme. You can add a personal touch by adding accents or pair them with roses for a traditional look.

American-grown peonies are available from May to August and can hold their beauty throughout the entire ceremony. Their fragrance also makes them a popular option for weddings. 

Peonies are available in varied sizes, allowing couples to customize their wedding according to their design needs. You can add them to your bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. They can also be used for table arrangements.

Peonies also pair beautifully with other foliage and flowers like roses.

7. Roses

Bouquet of white and pink roses flowers for bridal bouquet

Roses are a trendy wedding flower choice for a reason. These flowers are available in assorted colors, ranging from white, red, blue, pink, and more.

White roses signify purity, red roses symbolize passion, and pink roses represent admiration and joy. Orange roses signify excitement, while lavender roses symbolize love at first sight or enchantment. 

Roses are perfect for bouquets, table arrangements, and boutonnieres. The quintessential wedding flower is reasonably priced, but some varieties can be quite expensive. 

Roses are versatile and can be paired with other flowers. You can pair white roses with a white hydrangea or gardenia for a classic and clean look.

For a more contemporary look, you can combine dahlias and roses. Roses are bound to make your wedding vibrant and romantic, whether you’re getting married in an exquisite ballroom or a garden. 

8. Gardenia

Bride holding gardenia bouquet flowers on outdoor wedding ceremony

Gardenias are some of the most beautiful and popular wedding flowers. These flowers look like porcelain and have a romantic feel to them. Fresh gardenias can be ivory white, creamy, or pure white. 

Gardenias symbolize secret love and were used by Victorian men to express their feelings. They also signify love, peace, purity, and joy.

Their fresh fragrance also makes these flowers great for weddings. You can use gardenias in your boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets, and centerpieces. They can also be used as cake flowers. 

One thing to note about gardenias is that they are fragile, and a lot of handling can cause the petals to become brown too quickly. 

9. Carnation

bouquet of carnations flower in vintage style and blurry background

Carnations are another popular wedding flower option due to their versatility and affordability. 

You’ll want to consider carnations if you’ve ever dreamed of decorating your wedding with multiple blooms. These flowers are durable and can last an entire wedding day without water. 

Carnations symbolize devotion and are also used to express gratitude and love. 

Although carnations have been labeled as filler flowers, they can be incorporated into the decor in several ways. Their texture and beauty make them easy to add to designs as accent flowers. They can be used on buttonholes and bouquets to decorate the wedding venue. 

You can pair carnations with starflowers and hyacinths to create a romantic and fresh look. A bridal bouquet with crimson carnations will stand out for a fall wedding. The beauty of carnations is that they are available throughout the year. 

10. Daisies

A large wedding bouquet of daisies flowers on a background of European city

Daisies are simple yet elegant flowers that symbolize true love and purity.

They are common during spring and summer and add a fresh touch to your wedding theme. While there are different types of daisies, most have a yellow center and a single row of white petals. 

Daisies can be used as filler flowers in bouquets and flower arrangements. They can also be used on their own for boutonnieres, wedding cakes, invitation cards, and centerpieces. 

11. Anemone

Bouquet of anemone flowers with green leaves on a wooden board

Anemones are another popular flower you’ll find in most wedding bouquets. They are often used as a filler to add color and texture to floral arrangements. 

Anemone flowers symbolize anticipation, a commonly shared feeling for couples on their wedding day.

They are perfect for couples starting a new chapter in life. These flowers come in different colors, the most popular being red, white, pink, purple, and blue. 

Thanks to their versatility, you can use anemones on bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, wedding invitations, and as a decorative accent on cakes. These flowers can also be paired with other blossoms to complement different color palettes and themes. 

Final Thoughts

Flowers are an excellent way to make a statement on your big day. With some of the most popular wedding flowers, you can choose an option or combine two choices for your bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, wedding accents, and more. You can always consult a florist if you’re unsure about the choice to pick.