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11 Outfit Ideas for Outdoor Engagement Photos

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Let the wedding activities start with a fun and romantic engagement photoshoot! Having the great outdoors as the setting for your engagement photos will be sure to provide stunning photos. 

There are many amazing locations for an outdoor engagement photoshoot and your outfit should complement the location, weather, and season. Engagement photos should be an authentic reflection of you and your partner so wear something that will match your personality.

Make sure that you are comfortable and confident in the outfits that you’ll be wearing. 

Look your best in your engagement photos by planning your outfits ahead of time. If you need more ideas to plan your outfit, here are 11 outfit ideas to make your outdoor engagement photos look wonderful. 

A guy and a girl in a white dress

1. Mountains – Flowy Dress and Dress Shirt

During spring or summer, a photoshoot in the mountains provides a magnificent backdrop for your engagement photos. Imagine posing with your loved one against those breathtaking features. 

Look at the color of the landscape and try to compliment it. Colors that look great in rocky landscapes and mountains are warm colors– taupe, dark brown, dark navy, and olives. 

Wear something comfortable yet elegant such as a flowy maxi dress, and a dress shirt, pants, and boots for your partner. Long dresses look great in the mountains and provide movement so you can have a fun time exploring the landscape and getting your photos taken. 

The flowy maxi dress would look beautiful in photos with the wind ruffling the edges. Pair your dress with a nice pair of flats or a comfy pair of boots. 

Pick shoes that are comfortable to wear and would be suitable for the environs and the dress style. If you want to wear shoes that are more formal than the comfy boots and flats, bring hiking boots to wear on the way to the photo location and just change shoes when you get there. 

2. Snow – Cozy Outfits and Cold-Weather Gear

For your winter engagement photos, layer up with thick sweaters, pants, scarves, gloves, hats, and boots for a cozy feel in the snow. Going for neutral or dark-toned colors looks good in the winter. 

Dash through the snow and kiss under the mistletoe! A photoshoot in the snow gives a magical and enchanting feel to your photos. Nothing is more romantic than a snowy backdrop to your engagement photos. 

You should feel and look comfortable and cozy outdoors during the winter. If you are into winter sports, capture your love for skiing or snowboarding and wear your favorite cold-weather gear. 

3. Forest or Waterfalls – Earthy and Neutral Tones

A wonderful engagement photo setting would be in a natural environment with fresh air such as the forest or waterfalls. Outfits with earthy and neutral tones complement these rich, earthy backdrops.

Go for color palettes of whites, grays, blacks, beiges, browns, and greens like forest green and olive green for a classic feel. Wear an olive green dress and your partner a beige shirt and forest green khakis with a waterfall backdrop for an ethereal look. 

4. Desert – Oranges and Reds

The desert is very neutral so wear something bold to accentuate your outfits. Dark and vibrant tones of oranges and reds will look great against the sandy desert and create texture and calm. 

A fiery orange tulle dress for you would be best paired with a maroon polo shirt with jeans or khakis for your partner. You will look stunning, phenomenal, and filled with passion. 

Cute couple in love hugging in a field of flowers

5. Garden – Florals

Spring and summer in the garden are amazing times to hold your engagement photo session.

Wear a fun and vibrant floral dress while your partner wears a floral button-down shirt and jeans, chinos, or slacks. Add a flower crown to complete your outfit for a sweet, lovely look. 

6. Beach – Beachwear and Natural Colors

If you love to frolic in the sand and have fun on the water together, a beach photoshoot would be perfect. Wear your favorite beachwear outfits and add some accessories like a straw hat, kimono, or statement earrings for a tropical vibe. 

Incorporate your favorite water activities by using surfboards as props in your photos or ride on a jet ski. Natural colors look good on the beach, especially during the golden hours. 

Go for whites, tans, and denims for a casual and romantic look. Wear a white jumpsuit or dress and choose a denim-colored shirt and beige pants for your partner and have a splendid sunset photo session. 

7. Lake – Pastels, Neutrals, or Cool Shades

A lake setting is such a peaceful and charming location for your engagement photoshoot. It provides a wonderful backdrop with calm waters and maybe stunning mountains as your view. 

Pastels, neutrals, or cool colors look great in a photoshoot by the lake. Wear a teal green dress and have your partner wear a white shirt with beige pants. 

8. Farm – Rustic Chic

For an engagement photoshoot on the farm, a rustic-chic attire would look very charming. With the clean air and fresh breeze, a farm setting for your photoshoot is refreshing. 

A casual light-colored dress such as beige or white paired with boots would look gorgeous. Your partner can wear a checkered shirt with jeans, boots, and a hat to complete the look. 

9. Boat or Marina – Nautical Look

Show your love of boating and the water by coordinating a nautical look outfit for your engagement photo shoot on the boat or on the dock of the marina. With the cool breeze and the view of the ocean, this is a serene, upscale backdrop for your photos. 

Your partner can wear a navy blue polo shirt and white slacks while you wear a lovely white and blue striped dress or white cotton dress with your favorite hat for a carefree photo session by the sea. 

A man and a woman near the bridge.

10. Rooftop or Bridge – Formal Look

If you like an outdoor photoshoot but are not into hiking up to the mountains or heading to the beach, a city photoshoot would be great. Go to a rooftop or a bridge that has a gorgeous backdrop of the city buildings. 

Have a formal yet fabulous photoshoot with the city skyline as your backdrop. Wear a stunning red dress or sequins and your partner can don a suit and tie for a glitz and glam outdoor photoshoot in the shadow of the city. 

11. City – Monochromatic Outfits 

A photoshoot in the city looks great. If you want an outfit that matches both of you, try going for a monochromatic color palette. Instead of wearing the same exact color outfit, try wearing different shades of the same color. 

It would complement both of you and not look too “matchy-matchy”. If you both love the color blue, wear a lighter shade of blue while your partner can wear a darker shade. 

It would look great in photos and would allow both of you to be in sync yet without being exactly the same.

Another idea with monochromatic outfits is for you to wear a light blue blazer and pants with a white undershirt and your partner can wear a white blazer or dress shirt paired with blue jeans.