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11 Outfit Ideas for Beach Engagement Photos

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The beach provides a stunning background for engagement photos. Whether it’s at the water’s edge, on a boat, having a picnic on the sand, or against the sunset, photo opportunities at the beach are stunning.

With the mesmerizing ocean and magnificent skies, a beach photoshoot will make your photos look beautiful, romantic, and ethereal.

As beautiful as the background is, so should be your outfit for those spectacular engagement photos. 

You should feel comfortable and at the same time look wonderful in the outfits you wear for your photoshoot. The clothes should reflect your personality as a couple and the theme of the wedding.

Coordinate outfits with your partner so you complement each other and look great together. Here are 11 outfit ideas to look your best and get those breathtaking photos.

Bride and groom in the beach

1. Flowy Dresses and Suit or Blazer

Imagine the wind blowing through your flowy dress while the sun provides the most beautiful natural light. The engagement photos would definitely look glorious and lovely. 

Flowy dresses create lots of movement that looks romantic and dreamy and are perfect for engagement photos. Go for a long and flowy dress while the groom can wear a well-tailored suit or blazer paired with slacks. This outfit will look formal and glamorous in any engagement photo.

For more casual beach vibe engagement photos, the groom can wear a blazer and a casual undershirt and khakis or jeans for that effortless but put-together look. 

2. White 

White works well in every background. Whether you choose to have your photo taken on the beach or by the mountaintops, white works well on engagement photos. 

White looks good in all skin tones and hair colors and highlights the blue of the ocean. For a graceful and elegant look, pair a white flowy dress with a flower crown or gold accessories. 

A white long sleeve polo shirt paired with khaki pants for the groom looks great on the beach as well. Wearing white would also look good on black and white beach photos for a vintage, classy, and very chic look. 

beautiful couple at sunset

3. Black or Grey

Black or grey can work on a beach setting for your photoshoot. Wearing black will make you stand out from the beach backdrop.

For a dark and dramatic yet timeless look, the groom can wear a black or grey suit and the bride can wear a long black or grey flowy dress. 

4. Bold and Dark Colors

Wearing bold colors to the beach engagement photoshoot will make you stand out from the background.

A bold pink dress for the bride matched with a navy blue polo shirt for the groom looks very alluring. A sultry red dress and black suit look formal and classy, yet sexy. 

5. Bright Colors

If you’re into bright colors, they can work for a beach photoshoot as well.

Opt for colors in shades of blue, turquoise, aqua, yellow, teal, coral, and tangerine. These bright colors will stand out on the neutral background of the sky and sand. 

The bride can wear a bright yellow dress and the groom can wear a muted outfit such as a white shirt with beige or blue pants. The groom can also wear an aqua-colored suit and the bride can wear a white dress with subtle gold sequins or a white dress paired with gold accessories. 

If you want a vibrant, playful, and carefree look go for a coral dress for the bride and a turquoise suit for the groom. Play it up to create a wonderful color combination with these bright colors for a fun and energetic look. 

wedding couple on the sea shore

6. Soft Shades of Blue and Pink

Light blue and pink compliment each other and work beautifully with the colors of the sand and the sea.

Light pink dresses are sweet and romantic and you can pair them with a light blue polo shirt or suit for the groom. 

Have a photo session during the magical sunset hour where the light blues and pinks would look lovely set against the gorgeous sunset. 

7. Florals

Floral outfits are good to wear for those beach photoshoots. You can choose to have bright floral prints for you and your partner for a really eye-catching look amidst the tropical background. 

Or you can wear romantic pastel-colored florals and a plain pastel polo shirt for the groom. Whatever you choose, florals will give you fresh and lovely engagement photos. 

8. Sequins

Sequins aren’t always for formal and indoor settings. Sequins can create a magical and whimsical look on engagement photos on the beach. Go for light-colored sequins like rose gold or gold sequins. 

Sequins will do wonders for your photoshoot especially during the sunset hour where they will glitter in the sun creating a gorgeous glow on you. Dress up on the beach for a stunning and glamorous look.  

woman in evening dress on the seashore

9. Lace

Lace dresses are romantic, flirty, and feminine. When you choose a long lace dress or a short one for the bride, the groom can wear a plain polo shirt with light-colored slacks or chinos. Take photos during the golden hour to highlight the subtle lace patterns of the dress.

10. Patterned Boho Prints

Boho patterns look flattering amidst the sandy neutrals and clear blue skies. It also looks great along with a rocky coastal backdrop or a calm and romantic picnic setting by the sea. 

Put your hair down, walk hand-in-hand with your partner along the beach in a very chic boho patterned dress. The groom can wear a light-colored shirt and pants. Your beach engagement photos will definitely look charming and effortless. 

11. Beachwear

With a beach engagement photoshoot, you can definitely wear beachwear outfits. Wear your favorite beachwear for a fun and carefree day on the beach. 

Beachwear would look great when you are cruising on a boat or playing in the water for an informal and relaxed look for your photos. Add a tropical touch with a straw hat for your accessory or put on your favorite kimono for the complete beach look. 

Any outfit is possible as long as you and your partner are comfortable and happy with the outfits you choose to wear for your beach engagement photos. Put together looks that make you feel like you and wear something comfortable. 

Wearing something that is uncomfortable on your engagement photo session will show in the photos so pick something you’ll feel good wearing. With all these outfit ideas for your photoshoot on the beach, you’ll definitely have wonderful engagement photos to treasure forever.

Couple in love having romantic tender moments