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Are Expensive Wedding Rings Worth It? How to Decide

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You are about to get married, and you can’t stop thinking about how beautiful your wedding will be. What about the ring? Wedding rings are one of the most significant parts of a wedding, so you want them to be just perfect. Does this mean that the ring must be expensive?

Are expensive wedding rings worth it?

Expensive wedding rings serve the same purpose as cheaper ones, so you do not need to get an expensive ring.

Your ring choice should be based on your budget, your style, and your partner’s style.

What should you consider about wedding rings? What else is there to know about weddings? Continue reading.

Are Expensive Wedding Rings Worth It?

First of all, you must know the significance of wedding rings. Rings symbolize your love and commitment to your partner, so you should be more concerned about your commitment than what represents it. How deeply do you love your partner? If you love them as much as you think, you can spend any money on the wedding ring.

Wedding boutonniere and Gold wedding rings lay in a wooden box

As you can see, the intensity of your commitment to your partner is one factor that determines how much you can spend. Another factor is your entire wedding budget. What are all the factors that should determine how much you spend on your wedding? We will talk more about this now.

Consider the Following Truths About Wedding Rings

Here are some things that you must consider when deciding how much to spend on a wedding ring:

1. The Cost of the Ring Does Not Guarantee the Quality of Your Marriage

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This is something that you must remember. Even if you spend all your money to buy the most beautiful ring, a marriage that will not work, will not work. Instead of concentrating on the cost of the ring, what if you focus more on its significance, which is your commitment to your partner?

Are you ready to live life forever with your partner? Are you ready to forgive your partner without limits? Consider these before you decide how much you want to spend on an object that only represents your commitment.

2. Weddings with Moderately Priced Rings Usually Succeed More

Though not confirmed, many people believe that weddings in which men spend very little or too much on the ring crash faster than weddings in which the men spend moderately on the ring. This can be true because when a man genuinely loves a woman, he would not want to impress her with money. Instead, he will buy what his budget approves.

However, men without genuine love for their partner may be reluctant to spend much, resulting in them buying very cheap rings. Also, men with partners that have a taste for expensive things may find themselves spending much to impress their partners.

3. A Cheaper or Simpler Wedding Can Indicate a More Genuine Love

Close-up view of white golden wedding rings in a box

Simple weddings are to die for. A simple wedding with just you, your partner, close friends, and relatives is exquisite in its way. This means that you do not need to plan a large wedding. If your heart yearns for a simple wedding, go for it and do not look back.

One unique advantage of simple weddings is that you can spend more on the rings. This is because you can use the money that previously would have been used on the ring for food, drinks, the dress, or the honeymoon. If you want an expensive ring, you must reduce your budget for other items on your list.

4. A Partner Who Loves You Will Accept Any Wedding Ring

Female assistant presents a ring to a man choosing a wedding ring in a jewelry store

When deciding on the ring to buy, you should not worry about your partner’s reaction to the price of the ring. However, you must note that your partner’s response says a lot about them. For example, if your partner is displeased because the ring is cheap, it can mean that they can be too demanding of expensive things when you are married.

Why, then, should you not worry about your partner’s reaction? If your partner truly loves you, they will accept the ring with excitement because, at that moment, they should not care about the cost. However, if your partner cares about the cost and not your intention to marry them, you need to reexamine the person you are marrying.

5. There Are Other Factors About the Ring to Consider Aside from the Cost

jewelry store clerk assisting young loving couple in choosing a wedding ring.

Asides from the cost of the ring, here are some things that you must consider as well:

  • The color: What color of a ring would you like to see on your partner? You do not need to go for conventional ring colors.
  • The Material: Some common materials used to make wedding rings are gold, copper, silver, and diamond. Which would you prefer on your partner? Remember that these materials do not have the same price.
  • Your partner’s wishes: While you get to decide many things, you must remember that your partner’s wishes are important, just like yours. What do you think your partner would want?

As you can see, your style (as well as that of your partner) matters, like the cost of the ring. Go for a ring that can make you and your partner happy.

6. You Have a Lot of Spending to Do for Your Wedding

You must remember that the ring is just one of a lot of things to spend on when preparing for your wedding. You get to pay for a hall, wedding dress, cake, food, and drinks.

Everything relating to weddings is expensive, so if you want to spend your entire budget on a wedding ring, you might be in debt after your wedding.

Instead of focusing just on the wedding ring, what if you go for a simple yet pleasant ring? Remember that the ring itself is of no value if you do not plan to stay committed to your partner.

Pen on wedding budget plan

7. You Are the One Getting Married, Not Others

Some people go for expensive rings because they care so much about what others will say when they reveal the price of their rings. In this case, you must remember that you are the one getting married, not them. No one is in your shoes, so you should not try to please them. If anything, remember that so many people would like to be in your shoes (i.e., getting married).

Do not plan your wedding to impress others. If anything should impress others, it should be your loyalty, faithfulness, and commitment to your partner. These are what matters in marriages and not the ring itself.

Now you know everything that you should consider. How much should you spend on the wedding ring? Continue reading.

Close-up Of A Person's Hand Holding Wedding Rings And Golden Coins

How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Rings?

As you should know, the money you spend on your wedding ring depends entirely on you, your partner, and your commitment to each other. Remember the following:

  • Your Budget: Do not spend more than your budget on the rings because you still have so much more to spend on. Look for beautiful rings that match your budget.
  • Your Style: You should still consider your style. What type of ring would you like to see on your partner? Your decision should reflect your perspective of beauty on your partner.
  • Your Partner’s Style: While you must consider your style, you must also consider what your partner wants when deciding the rings to buy.

If you can find rings that match your budget, your style, and that of your partner, you should get them immediately.

What You Must Remember When Budgeting for Your Weddings

Please remember the following for a successful wedding and marriage.

  • You cannot buy love: No matter how hard you try, you cannot buy your partner’s love by spending a lot of money. When there is love, there is love. Do not show off because you want love from anyone.
  • The ring means commitment: Now, this is the real deal. The ring is nothing but a symbol of commitment. Therefore, before buying the rings, you must be committed to your partner as you expect them to be committed and faithful to you.
  • Your simple wedding can still be exciting and fun: You do not need to spend much on your wedding. You can have a simple wedding and still have a lot of fun and excitement.
  • You will never forget the decisions you made during your wedding: Something many people fail to talk about is that they still remember how their wedding went years after the wedding date. Do something that pleases your heart to prevent regretting something for a very long time.

Helpful reminders, right? Do have a successful wedding and marriage.

 Wedding rings on the fingers of the newlyweds

Final Thoughts

Cheers to a happy marriage and life! Remember that you do not need to spend a lot to impress anyone. Do what your heart yearns for because your wedding and the wedding rings are symbols of the expression of your heart, which is to stay committed to your partner.