What Does The Father Of The Groom Wear


When it comes to wedding outfits, some people spend countless days just figuring out what their family and their soon-to-be in-laws will wear. But some people might get confused when it comes to the father of the groom. What should he wear? Should he match the groom, the bride’s father, or even the groomsmen? Here’s … Read more

What Does The Father Of The Bride Wear


The father of the bride is one of the most important people at every wedding reception. From his role to the attire he wears, the bride’s father should be in his best form to ensure that the ceremony goes smoothly. Generally, the father of the bride will wear attire that matches the groom and the … Read more

How Long Should a Wedding Reception Be?


The wedding reception is a huge part of your wedding day. It’s important to make the most out of your wedding reception and enjoy the celebration with your family and friends. Here are some guidelines and ideas to make your wedding reception a fun-filled, magical and unforgettable night to celebrate love. How Long Should a … Read more

4 Fabulous Options for Dyeing Your Wedding Dress


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7 colors you can wear to a wedding (and 7 you shouldn’t)


There are some colors that you should never wear to a wedding, like white and black (unless it’s specifically requested by the hosts). All-time favorites like yellow and blue are perfect for summer garden weddings or you can choose a cool lavender or pastel color for a classy look for an indoor wedding. Weddings are … Read more